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The Studio


The Studio

The Studio was designed to enable integration and interaction with nature, serving as a stronghold for the designer's inspiration. In a wooded area, with tree species from the Atlantic forest, planted by the designer over 20 years ago, the Studio is directly connected to the environment. Built with unserviceable containers, testimonial wood, glass and metal it has become a second home, where pleasant moments in the middle of nature are transformed into pieces of art by the skilled hands of designer Leandro Brock.


Our work consists mostly of reused materials. The wood is gathered from demolished buildings, houses, warehouses, hotels, commercial establishments, and most notably century-old trees that did not resist climate change or natural disasters. That is why we reuse it - the material has helped write our history from the ground up since they were often part of symbolic landmarks and have now become roadside debris. Wood with history, trees that have survived against time, need to be reused to continue writing their story.

In nature, dead wood can be found when a tree is struck by lightning or exposed to prolonged periods of drought or, even, to have been affected by pests or insects that took its life.
They can also come from trees felled by windstorms, road construction cuts or other works.

Exotic wood comes from trees external to the native flora, generally from other countries and continents, that is, an exotic tree or plant is not autochthonous (from the native environment).
In many parts of the world, exotic plants cause imbalances in the local ecosystem and are considered invasive species.

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Lebrock gold seal

Lebrock works have na exclusive 18k gold seal, giving even more beauty and personality to the furniture. Our gold seal, also Lebrock logo, represents the leter Phi of the Greek alphabet. It symbolizes the Golden Measure, also callet the Divine Proportion or Fibonacci Sequence. Intrisically linked to nature, this measure is found in the arrangement of leaves, tree tops and even in rose petals. The Golden Measure, present on all our works, results inpieces with organic and natural visual compositions, capable of spontaneously attracting the eye and transmit contemplation moments. Golden Ratio: 1,628.

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Rua Padre Aurélio Canzi | 2707
Centro | São Miguel do Oeste - SC
Cep: 89900-000 - BRASIL


+55 (49) 9.9149-2707


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