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The Studio

The Studio

Lebrock Studio was planned to allow integration and interaction with nature, serving as a stronghold for Brock”s inspiration. The projects come to life in their own studio, which prioritizes
traditional and artisan work. Lebrock’s Studio also maintains a reforestation area, with more than two hundred thousand meters sq, where it cultivates a tree nursery and conservation of native species, such as Guajuvira, Louro, Cabreuva, Canela, Angico, Araucaria, and many others that are exclusive to South Brazil.
Brock’s works are inspired by nature, so nothing better than work surrounded by it. The innovative design and use of exceptional, exotic woods guide his works creations, focusing on the furniture segment. Quality, beauty, and perception are essential requirements in his works, in addition to his commitment to sustainability, he has a determination in only creating with reused materials, seeking new possibilities for daily life, and most importantly to minimize the impact of the environment. 


Our work consists mostly of reused materials. The wood is gathered from demolished buildings, houses, warehouses, hotels, commercial establishments, and most notably century-old trees that did not resist climate change or natural disasters. That is why we reuse it - the material has helped write our history from the ground up since they were often part of symbolic landmarks and have now become roadside debris. Wood with history, trees that have survived against time, need to be reused to continue writing their story.

Gold Seal

Lebrock works have an exclusive 18k gold seal, giving even more
beauty and personality to the furniture. Our gold seal, also Lebrock logo, represents the letter Phi of the Greek alphabet. It symbolizes the Golden Measure, also called the Divine Proportion or Fibonacci Sequence. Intrinsically linked to nature, this measure is found in the arrangement of leaves, tree tops and even in rose petals. The Golden Measure, present on all our works, results in pieces with organic and natural visual compositions, capable of spontaneously attracting the eye and transmit contemplation moments.
Golden Ratio: 1,618 


All Lebrock Works are accompanied by a miniature, handcrafted with the same wood as the real piece, in 1/10 scale. A treat to be enjoyed as a decorative and collectible piece. The miniatures are accommodated in a personalized Lebrock box, using sawdust from the wood of its work to nest and protect it. Along with each Work, the certificate of authenticity guarantees the origin of the piece, contains its serial number, production time, tree species used, coordinates of the wood rescue place which the work was produced, as well as historic where we present the inspiration, details of the rescue and other information pertinent to the Work.

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