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This sculptural design is applied to our entire collection, created exclusively from all-natural
deadwood. Our intention to enriching and eternalizing its history, respecting its original forms
as much as possible. Hand-carved with artesian concepts to stay in tune with mother nature’s
Lebrock Studio is passionate about bringing the greatest possible balance to keep all natural
resources available, envisioning the possibility of giving unique forms to each work, with
exclusive woods, where design and art come together, transforming the past while
eternalizing it in the future.

Table Plexxus

This piece of work, like all of them are inspired by the wonderful forms of nature, more specifically the beauty of the Monarch butterfly. Thus, the name "plexxus" originated from her scientific name (Danaus Plexipuus). 

Harpia Table

This bold table was inspired by nature´s top predators – Eagles. The Harpia table is the synonym of sophistication, translated into a sculptural piece.


Accent chair Índica

This piece is inspired by nature’s supple and elegant curves.


Chaise Arqia

Designed and named after the Arachnid Family (Arachnida).

Chaise Fidi

Inspired by the Greek word “Fidi”, or serpents, the piece identifies itself with the family of snakes.

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